VHF Contest September 2017

I didn’t prepare much for Septembers VHF contest.  I threw together a 6m dipole and I already had a 3el 2m beam that I hadn’t used much yet!  So that was my total preparation. My wife had some family property that was only a few minutes away from our QTH that was at a higher elevation than we were at home. So that is where we found ourselves with the Jeep and the rooftop camper.

I only had radio capabilities on 6m and 2m this year. Although we had a ton of fun we learned a lot for our next VHF contest!






Used the ICOM 706 for 2m ssb and the Yeasu for FM. We heard several stations in Oklahoma and even made a contact to EM19 in Saint Marys, Kansas to WQ0P and one more contact to EM49 near Bowling Green, Missouri. Both contacts were 120+ miles away. Not too bad for only doing 8 watts on ssb.

This contest only aroused my appetite for doing more VHF contesting. Looking forward to Januarys VHF contest.


6m Portable Copper Dipole

Simple 6m dipole I made for the September VHF contest.









Joplin Hamfest 2017

The wife and I hopped in the Jeep and headed for the Joplin, Missouri Hamfest that was held on August 26th this year. On the way down we listened to the 7.290 Traffic Net that was doing traffic for Hurricane Harvey that was hitting Texas.

Lots more people here this year than last year!



Hung out with W0EBV and had an eyeball QSO!


After all that walking around and looking at stuff we worked up an appetite, so we went to Denny’s and had much-needed lunch with dessert!

After lunch, we said our see ya laters and we slowly made our way back home after stopping at a few antique flea markets of course!


73! N0RVS

Field Day 2017

Field Day is a day I look forward to and making a bunch of contacts all over this wonderful world.

Last year’s field day, I was with a local club in west-central Missouri. We made just a little over 100 contacts — all on battery and solar power.

This year, I had different plans.

My wife and I needed to be in Tennessee. She had a conference in Franklin the same weekend as field day. I have a fellow Ham that lives in eastern Tennessee.

Well this is PERFECT! I dropped off my wife in Franklin and then drove over to New Market, which is just outside of Knoxville.

We had planned out the whole weekend, except for the weather!!! The forecast called for 80% chance of rain on field day…   BOOOO….

Then field day arrived and no rain! Yippee…. No rain!

W4CEW and I were a little late for the kick off of the field day festivites when we made our way to his ham shack and fired things up. Whoaaa….. the amount of people calling CQ CQ CQ Field Day!!!

We tuned around and found W1AW on 17m  calling CQ so we threw out our call sign and got a response back and swapped information (W4CEW 2D TN).

We sat around for several hours talking and listening to the others calling CQ. The next thing you know, Field Day had came and went.

Let us take some time to reflect on the contact that we made. Yes, I said contact, as in, one contact. That’s all we made was ONE contact! I guess if you are going to make a contact, W1AW is not a bad one to make on 17m!

W4CEW and I had so much fun just hanging out and listening to all the chatter on the radio.

Showing W4CEW all he contacts I made on Winter Field Day bak in January 2017!



Showing off his QRP rig . . . 1 watt of power!


Need a microphone? No problem just wire one up!


Demonstrating his homebrew antenna launcher.


I wanted to attend this gathering of QRP enthusiast last year but never made it. This year I knew I was going to attend at least on Friday evening. Only got to spend a couple of hours there and it was well worth it. I got so wrapped up in talking with people that I forgot to take pictures. I am looking foward to attending next year!









N4CCB Showing Off Some Of His Recent Activations


Mount Vernon Hamfest 2017

Mount Vernon hamfest is always a great little hamfest to attend. This year was no exception. They had a great turn out and lots of vendors and sellers. Here are some random pictures from that event.

Hanging out with W0EBV again…





Activating Locations

From time to time, I like to reflect on where I’ve been with my Ham radios. Here are some pictures from 2016 until now of some of my activations. None of them are NPOTA (National Parks On The Air) and none of them are SOTA (Summits On The Air). They are just plain old QSO’s and to keep in touch with my friends in Missouri & Tennessee when I’m traveling.

Lost Dutchman’s State Park – Arizona


Lost Dutchman’s State Park – Arizona – working on 20m


Holbrook, Arizona working on 20m


Morman Lake, Arizona at the Overland Expo working on 20m with one end draped over the rooftop tent.


Enders, Nebraska – working 80m on a dipole


Canon City, Colorado – working 40m on a dipole.


Enders, Nebraska – working 80m on a dipole


2017 Summer Field Day – Eldorado Spring, Missouri


2017 Summer Field Day – Eldorado Spring, Missouri


4th of July 2017 at the home QTH


Portable in the back yard.


Clear Lake, Iowa


2017 Winter Field Day – Missouri


2017 Winter Field Day – Missouri


2017 Winter Field Day – Missouri


2017 Winter Field Day breakfast- Missouri


QRPGUYS Single Lever Paddle

I purchased this single lever paddle kit from QRPGUYS website a couple of days ago. It was a simple fun kit to build and took about an hour to do the build. I tried to remember to take pictures as I was doing this build.


As you see, it fits nicely in an Altoids tin…..


Winter Field Day 2017

I heard about Winter Field Day about late November 2016 and I decided that I wanted to get in on the action. I didn’t prepare too much for this event because I usually do portable operations anyway. As you can see by the picture below, we threw stuff in the car and went to some family property nearby and set up in the middle of a field.

First things first is to set up camp. We absolutely love our CVT rooftop tent.


My operating buddy -Oscar

Lucy loves sleeping……

I mainly used the Icom IC-730 for most of  my operations. I did switch over and use my Icom IC-706.

I used a fan dipole with a 1:1 balun for 80m, 40m, 20m on a 12 foot painters pole. I have had very good luck with this setup .

Enough room to let the wiener dogs run and play.

Giving the IC-730 a workout. I operated up until about 12 o’clock cst.

Sunrise with temps in the 20’s…

Nothing like some hashbrowns for breakfast.

Made 83 contacts from southwest Missouri including one in Hawaii.

Could not have ask for a better operating view! This event was so much fun I am looking forward to the next Winter Field Day in 2018!

3 Band HF Receiver Build

Been working on a winter project. This is a 3 band HF receiver kit from Dick Smith Electronics in Australia.

1st thing is to do inventory. This was an open box kit so I am still sourcing parts as I write this.


Only a few items to source and it will be done and ready for use.